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With a customer-centric approach to providing visual display and audio solutions, Nationwide has a long history of delivering high-quality, reliable solutions and unprecedented levels of service and support to rental and staging customers across North America.

Here is what our customers say about us:

There are certain words that come to mind when I think Nationwide Wholesale Video Rental: Consistency, Quality, Experience, Value and Dependability. But the one I am most fond about and one that matters most to Corporate Events Inc. is Integrity. We believe in the concept of ‘saying what you do and doing what you say’. This speaks to the core of why Corporate Events Inc. has maintained a close working relationship with Nationwide over the past decade. They have a complete inventory of what it takes to get corporate meetings done and the eye on service and quality to deliver on time, every time. Thanks Nationwide, here's to 10 more years!
Nationwide is a company that gets it. They offer quality equipment at competitive prices and there is no compromise when it comes to customer service. Nationwide never fails to help you get your job done!!
Nationwide delivers a dependable and quality product with knowledge and enthusiasm, and they always have creative and alternative solutions.
I have been dealing with Nationwide for many years. From the crazy last minute gear changes to the "I need this tonight" piece of gear; whether it's a just a simple lens or a full blown projector/camera package, everything is always handled with the same detail and care to make sure all goes perfect. Nationwide has always been there for us. You can rent gear anywhere, but it's the people at Nationwide that keep us coming back time and time again. They are not just a vendor to us, they are a strategic partner.
Webster’s New World Dictionary defines wholesale as “the selling of goods in large quantities and at lower prices, especially to retailers.” Nationwide Wholesale Video Rental goes way beyond this definition. Yes, they have lower prices than retailers, and yes, they sell to retailers, not end clients, but they have a philosophy of service not found in many wholesalers. If you have a technical question, many wholesalers will simply email you the instruction manual for the equipment in question. Nationwide, on the other hand, will actually take the time to find the answer and communicate it in plain English. These are relationship-focused professionals who go beyond a rental; They understand and “eat, sleep, and breathe” live events. Many times they have gone above and beyond for me, my technicians, and my clients, and they set an excellent example of the collaborative approach necessary to execute successful live events and total customer satisfaction.
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